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Elitis Pereles a spool unravels in silence, pearls parade along the needle that guides them. Imperturbable, the thread is their tamer, one by one they squeeze up against each other. They scramble, looking for their place without disturbing the sketched out design. They gradually spread out, displaying patterns and colors, only marching to the beat of the needle and thread.

Embossed vinyl wallpaper with an aspect of beads - Sold by the 11 yard x 27" wide roll
Product info : fire permanent class A , washable, very good stain and knock resistance


new Sanfoot

Utilizing unique techniques, SanFoot's FineTec Recon range of wood veneers are created by taking abundantly availabe species (usually FSC) and staining and restructuring them in a way so as to mimic hard-to-acquire species. These processes, different from FineTec specie to FineTec specie, can also be stained, made transluscent or fabricated as a traditional veneer to compliment the SanFoot Wallcovering.

NEw Octopus

OTP27 uses recycled galvanized metal as the decorative face. OTP28 and 29 are 3D solid wood panelling products made from oak, and are delivered unfinished. The panels can be either finished with a clear lacquer or stained. OTP28 has wood that is 4” wide - OTP29 is 1.25” wide.

All panels are 24 x 96” in size, and both ends are finger jointed so the panels fit invisibly together. STOCKED for immediate delivery.